2021 Christmas

Over 2,000 years ago Christmas was born in the midst of murderous threats and tyrannical oppression. A soft new baby, a seed, who would one day defeat death by laying his life down, his pure blood buying underserved crowns. His humility among humanity shocked many who were looking for a puffed up king, making it hard to believe…why like this? A king speak to me? A cup of cold water, fishing trips, house visits and embracing the contagious…all unfit for royalty. Not afraid to flip tables of the greedy and expose their wicked hearts, he was truth and grace simultaneously, not apart. The Creator became the created to offer us an invitation Home, to renew our spirits and make us whole. He saw our brokenness and sin from Heaven, and yet still came, into suffering and among those hating his name. He will never relent his love for humanity, even now in this season of insanity. His offer still stands to all who would open the door and say yes to Christ this Christmas year.