Why was God one of us?

FeaturedWhy was God one of us?

Over the years, I’ve realized trying to prove God’s existence is useless.

He already proved His existence.

Through creation, He expressed the breadth of His sovereignty, care and wisdom. Romans 1:20 says creation is a testimony to God in of itself. That’s also why the psalmist used the word ‘fool’ to describe those who say there is no God in Psalm 14:1.

Some wonder if He does exist, why not just come once and for all, proclaim and show your sovereignty, making no room for question?

Or did He and we missed it? Alanis Morrisette lamented in her song ‘What if God was one of us?’ by wondering what God would be like if He had lived among us. Oh the irony….

Maybe she forgot, but that was God’s actual plan…

The Bible describes Jesus as ordinary, plain and having nothing to attract us to Him…it says He was born to a young couple of humble means. It says he grew up just the same as those around Him, and later it says He didn’t have a place to even lay His head.

I think that most people know there is a God, but it’s His ways of doing things that are harder for people to grasp.

We have this idea that if God is God, then our connection with Him would be more automatic… that we would know without a doubt everything about Him upfront, that He would appear and quench any doubt of His existence.

But maybe…

His method is indicative of what He is after.

When a doctor, excavator, artist or any other skilled professional uses certain tools, it reveals their motive, their goal, their intention.

I’m convinced that God gave just enough observable evidence to make it impossible to refute His existence but hid so much intentionally, leaving the only way to find Him through seeking Him with your heart. He left a promise “You will find me when you seek me with your whole heart.” Jeremiah 29:13. The first commandment is “To love God with our heart, soul, body, strength and mind.” Luke 10:27.

We are three dimensional beings-body, soul and spirit, invited to experience the fullness of God’s own Trinity- Father, Son and Spirit living in us, being expressed around us. This makes the first commandment the most personal relationship to have. And it speaks to who God is-relational.

“The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of Heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man…He Himself gives life and breath to everything…He is not far from each of us, and the time of ignorance is over, and he is calling us to repent.” Acts 17:24-29

Repentance is an opportunity to make a u turn when you realize you’re going the wrong direction on a one way street.

It’s not an opportunity for damnation, it’s grace to escape damnation.

Jesus came as a baby in human form, died as a man and rose again as Savior

and is coming back as King.

His agenda, His motivation and goal is laid bare. It’s that all would know Him, and become his sons and daughters. John 1:12. It’s not his will that anyone should perish. 2 Peter 3:9. A relationship with Him starts in your heart, believing in Him, then confessing with your mouth that He is Lord. Romans 10:9.

So before you give up on God because you don’t like His methods, consider His motive behind the method. If you wanted a relationship with someone, how would you pursue them?