Not everyone is going to like you…

You probably clicked on this blog for the same reason I wrote it- you feel unliked by a few people. Welcome to the club! It hurts depending on who they are and how well you know them or perhaps looked up to them. This short blog will hopefully encourage you on how to use it for good.


The beauty of getting older is using the experience of life to learn from. When I was younger if I knew someone didn’t like me it would crush me and I would dwell on how to change so I would be more likable. At times I’ve also turned to the other extreme and dug my heels into the ground thinking ‘Who cares, I am who I am and I’m not changing!’

Where I’m landing is somewhere thoughtfully in between. Criticism is like one of those potent ingredients like Cloves or salt which are often essential to a baking recipe. You don’t need very much, and just the right amount to brings out the flavoring of other ingredients and adds overall value to what you’re baking. I’m convinced that’s what ‘haters’ bring to the table. Sift through hurt and try to find value in the criticism. Your worth is not determinable by one person or even a few. If personal growth is important to you, then get used to processing feedback when you self reflect. Then move forward in confidence and don’t give any more room in your head for any negative emotions they (or you) may have attached to it. Don’t let someone’s salty attitude spoil you! Instead let it bring out humility, empathy and strength in you!

Ideally, feedback would be spoken in truth and love, but that’s not always the case. So learn what you can to improve your character, your skill or dream & move forward! Remember, you reap what you sow too, so play nice!

”Speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

Eph 4:15


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