Activation Required: Why faith doesn’t work for some

I’m sure you’ve been given a plastic gift card with some monetary value attached to it on at least one occasion. I love getting gift cards! They’re awesome when you understand how to use the value attached to it.

Imagine this scenario. You’re in a coffee shop trying to act like you can’t hear what is going on around you (because we all do that). You can’t help but overhear some people next to you talking about what they got for Christmas. The first one lists… “Sweater, drone, car accessories”. The second one starts his list… “Tools, socks, … and a small piece of plastic that’s supposed to be worth $500.” Upon hearing this you probably would’ve  found a casual way to look directly at this person to see if they are being serious. Have they never received a gift card? Where is it to? Do you want to give it away? 

The other friend jokes, “Was it your grandma? She’s really losing it, huh?” They both get up to leave the coffee shop and if you were less of a person you would follow them and ask for it.

The whole scenario leaves you bewildered and blown away that someone would not recognize and use the money they were given. You’ve already spent the $500 and then some in your mind.

But this is how faith works…. some people give up on faith and others live by it, why? I believe it’s because some people have learned the secret of how it works, it must be valued and activated. Of course a small piece of 2″ x 3″ plastic is worthless on it’s own. But once it’s paid for and activated, it works just like money to get what you need or want. I think this is how God wants us to use our faith. I’ve heard it said this way ‘Money is the currency of earth but faith is the currency of Heaven.’

We want a ‘magic’ button in life sometimes to change our circumstances or we don’t understand why God doesn’t just ‘fix it’, but He gave us the capacity to operate in faith so that we could partner with Him in accomplishing what we need to, overcoming what we need to, and living the full life that He paid to give us.

I think most people, Christians anyway, treat their faith like a decoration in their house instead of a gift card with value. They might have the word ‘Faith’  written in delicate letters on a pillow or in a wall frame, but it’s practically useless. Can you imagine going to someone’s house and seeing the gift card you gave them in a nice frame on the wall? How frustrating and disheartening! But this is how we treat our faith and sometimes our walk with God….we want it to look nice, but we don’t walk in it’s purpose or power.

I want to encourage you today, that there is no doubt at least one area of your life that you can think of where you would say, I could use help here. Whether it’s relational or practical, God knows how to get you what you need, you just have to start using your faith.

Ok, but where does it start? It starts with believing that God is good on His word, just like credit on a gift card. It starts with realizing you’ve been given what you need to succeed and the challenges and obstacles are not the problem, lack of encouragement or tenacity or boldness is. So ask God for what you’re lacking. He’s not cheap. He’s abundantly rich in every way and to pair with that, He’s good. Instead of praying to win the lottery, pray that God gives you wisdom to prosper. Instead of praying for your problems to go away, pray that God helps you see them the way He does and for the empowerment to overcome them. Pray for everything. Why not? There’s no story in the Bible that says they asked for too much. Actually, God rebukes David in 2 Sam 12:8 for not asking Him for more and going about things his own way. “…And if that had been too little, I would have given you much more!”

Apply yourself to activating your faith, and you’ll begin to discover all that God has in store for you!