Cover Up

It’s human reaction to cover up when we have been exposed for doing something wrong. It’s not ironic that the reason Jesus died innocently on the cross was to cover our sin by being penalized for it. It was the ultimate ‘I covered for you’ scenario.

As I pursue God, and contemplate His work and will in my life, I am thankful for something the Gospel of Jesus contains, and that is conviction. That word might sound harsh but it’s actually merciful. Like that friend who will let you know if you have spinach in your teeth or the one who loves you too much to let you pass by without pointing out your undone zipper, the Gospel illuminates my need for forgiveness and wholeness.

“Wounds of a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” Proverbs 27:6

God is for us, and He loves us too much to lie to us. The whole point of the Gospel is to communicate that God wants to be reconciled to us & He paid the ticket for that to happen. We choose whether or not to gain access and redemption to Him. Like a father whose child ran away, He reached out, bought a ticket and said ‘Come home, it’s on me. I miss you and want to see you again.’

The Bible says that believing Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior of mankind, and confessing it, is the way to receive salvation (Romans 10:9). It has everything to do with your heart, no particular formula of words. If you’re reading this and want to accept His love, mercy forgiveness and redemption, just tell Him. Ask Him to show you what it means. I had that turning point when I was younger and I’ve been enjoying His presence in my life ever since. Struggles still come, pain still comes, but it’s a whole different situation when a personal God helps you and loves you through it all.

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